There are more than 1000 beds available in the 4-star category, 200 beds in the 3-star category as well as rooms with 2 stars. Within 10km of Dornbirn there are additional 1000 beds in all categories as well as a youth and family house in Bregenz (about 180 beds). In the entire area are also private B&B rooms and holiday apartments available. By 2019 a brand new hotel in very close vicinity of the venue will be completed.

The following tables shows the 2018 hotel rates.

  4* Hotel 3* Hotel
Single room 95-110 85-100
Double room 160-170 130-150

Special contracts will be signed between the organization team and local hotels in Dornbirn and vicinity to cover all price ranges (4-star hotel down to Youth Hostel and B&B). The reservation for the hotels is done via the same web page for event sign-up at the same time. By the time the negotiations are completed the hotel cost will be significantly lower than the rates listed in the table.

Several shuttle buses will pick up the coaches in the morning and return them to the hotels at the end of the day. Public transportation (4 bus lines) as well as taxis are available throughout the event.

In summer 2019, Dornbirn will host the 16th world gymnaestrada with more than 20,000 expected participants. This shows that the city and the surrounding is capable of hosting a huge event.

Youth Hostel
There is a Youth hostel in Hard (about 89 beds) only 15km away from the venue, right at the lake where the young Rhine river enters Lake Constance. We will try to get also special rates for this location.

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