World Cup Pitch

The World Cup pitch will be a 3-piece, static-grass pitch, created by Ziterdes. It will come with two lightweight 3D-dugouts and Sin-Bin/Scoreboard centerpiece. The dugouts will be unpainted. The pitch will have the new 35mm-square grid, two red painted endzones, a pear-marking in each half for "here's the middle" label and the unique Spiked Pear World Cup logo in the center. The gid is marked with black crosses and the line markings are drawn in white "chalk".

Each dugout has 8 spots for placing your Re-Roll markers and in front of the Reserve box there is the scatter template carved in stone. In the KO-Box there is a special mount to hold little kegs for refreshing Bloodweiser Ale. The Pitch comes with 2 of those kegs. The centerpiece between the dug-outs has a large Scoreboard, which is also used to keep track of each coach's turn. In front of the scoreboard is a place to mark the current weather condition. Behind the Scoreboard is the sin-bin for sent-off players.

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