Liechtenstein Dice Raffle

The World Cup Organizing Team offers to run a special raffle throughout the 2018 series season. The only prices are limited edition World Cup dice, which are only available for Tournament Series participants and at a raffle at the World Cup itself. There will be less than 100 of these special edition dice produced ever. The following NAF sanctioned Tournament Series have agreed to participate:

World Cup Dice Raffle Rules:

A Tournament Series can participate if at least 4 tournaments of their series participate. Up to three sets of these dice will be raffled off for each series. This depends on how many tickets will be sold at each series throughout the season:

A coach can only participate if:

*) These rules may slighty differ for two series.

The World Cup Organizing Team will assign each ticket holder to a raffle ticket number (T #). The assignments will be published here on the website. For each Tournament Series there will be a separate draw performed at the Dungeonbowl tournament in March 2019. The winners will be posted on the website as well. The dice will be handed to the winners (or their representatives if they are unable to attend) at the World Cup in Dornbirn.