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Süddeutsche und Schweizer Blood Bowl Meisterschaft
Who or what is the SBBM ( Two years ago, tournament organizers in the Southern German region got together and decided to collaborate with their tournaments. The following year, tournaments from the German speaking part of Switzerland joined, and in the years to come, tournaments from Western Austria will be added as well. For the World Cup, this loose cooperation will be transformed into an official incorporated association in order to have a solid foundation for the organization of such a huge event.

World Cup Organizing Team
The SBBM World Cup Organizer Team consists of highly qualified and experienced coaches. They are well-known in the international Blood bowl world. Three of them have lived on at least two different continents, two others have lived in at least two different countries and have experienced different Blood Bowl cultures over a long period of time. Spanning a wide variety of real life jobs, each bringing a different skill set to the organizing team, we believe this team has the experience and knowledge to bring this event to life in 2019.
Tojurub (Torsten Blaetter) - Bavaria (D)
Kithor (Alexander Siebenhüner) - Canton Zurich (CH)
Milo (Milo Sharp) - Canton Zurich (CH)
Schwager (Christian Schwager) - Bavaria (D)
Trondur (Ingo Walter) - Rhineland-Palatine (D)
Minenbonnie (Björn Schumacher) - Hessia (D)
Hegel (Peter Schröder) - Bavaria (D)
Lichemaster (Mathias Berger) - Bavaria (D)
Cooki (Rene Bürger) - Vorarlberg (A)
Marc.Andy (Marcus Günther) - Hessia (D)
Twyllenimor (Michael Heising) - North Rhine Westphalia (D)

Head Referee: Old_Man_Monkey (Jim Lanier) - Florida (USA)
Assistant Referee: Old_Man_Draco (Mark Schütz) - Flevoland (NL)
At the event itself about 30 volunteers will help with result entry, information booth and runners to help out whereever needed. Referees will be selected in accordance with the NAF. We believe 1 referee per 96 coaches will be appropriate.

Selected Profiles

Torsten Blaetter (aka Tojurub) has played BB since 1996, and joined the NAF in 2003 after attending the Chaos Cup in Chicago (his first tournament ever.) He organized his first Blood Bowl tournament in Minneapolis, MN (USA) in 2004 before heading "home" to Europe after a 7 year stint in the US. After attending several tournaments all across Europe (including the Blood Bowl, Dungeon Bowl, Dutch Open and B7), he started the D-Bowl, which has now been succeeded by the German Team Bowl, as well as the now (in)famous Big Boys Battle in his own backyard. He also was the driving force behind bringing the Southern German tournament organizers together to create the SBBM, which now has expanded to Switzerland as well. After his appointment to NAF Tournament Series Coordinator, his credentials were strong enough to have him appointed NAF Vice-President in early 2016.

Before his Blood Bowl career, he was seriously involved in club basketball, where he organized multi-day tournaments with as many as 500 players in attendance. He also organized U18 and U16 basketball seasons for several years in Southwest Germany.

In his spare time, he likes Excel Macro programming and simple website programming, which benefits several NAF tournament series world wide.

Alexander Siebenhüner (aka Kithor) started his Blood Bowl career in 1990 with the 2nd edition, organizing and playing in a local league in Germany. After a short break from Blood Bowl between 2000 and 2004, he joined the Botzliga Frankfurt/Main, becoming a founding member of the Botzliga e.V. and acting as league treasurer until 2012. From 2006 to 2010, he hosted 5 annual Blood Bowl tournaments called the Botz Bembel Bowl to great success and both national and international renown. He was also an active member of the German Eurobowl team from 2005 until 2016, including a role as national team captain in Spain 2008.

Since 2004, Kithor has participated in 101 NAF sanctioned tournaments with an astonishing 558 NAF ranked games. Kithor also has experience in all three NAF World cup tournaments, playing on an English Team as a freebooter in Nottingham 2007 and twice on the German/Swiss team during Amsterdam 2011 and Lucca 2015. Today, Kithor is still an actively playing member in the NAF community and won the Southern German Blood Bowl Championship in 2016. He has also organized the German team event (together with Twyllenimor) since 2015.

In addition to his playing activities, Kithor has also been an active national NAF tournament director in the southern part of Germany and Switzerland. Kithor is also an active online Blood Bowl player, using both Cyanide and Fumbbl platforms. In summary, Kithor has a wide range of experience in all competitive forms of Blood Bowl, and has established a wide range of friendships and connections while following his passion for the hobby.

Milo Sharp (aka Milo) began playing Blood Bowl in the late 80s when a friend of his got a copy of the 2nd Edition box set. An influential member of the early online Blood Bowl presence, Milo took over administration of the BBOWL-L mailing list and hosted He also hosted the infamous 4th Edition chat with Jervis Johnson, where people were able to share their (largely negative) feelings about One-Skill-Per-Action. After this, Milo was invited by Jervis to become a founding member of the Blood Bowl Rules Committee (BBRC), where he served for several years before stepping down for personal reasons and nominating Tom Anders to succeed him.

Milo has played in Blood Bowl leagues since the release of 2nd Edition in the late 1980s, but (aside from a 2nd place appearance in the 2006 Underworld Cup) has only really entered the tournament scene since moving to Switzerland in 2012. Owing to his donation of the domain to the NAF, he has a shockingly low NAF ID. You may occasionally run into him online playing Blood Bowl 2 as well. He currently lives outside Zuerich with his wife and three of his five children.

Christian Schwager (aka Schwager) is a freelance Illustrator, Concept Artist, and Graphic Designer. As such, he is responsible for the design and artwork that will be used to promote the event and from which the miniatures will be designed.

Schwager's love affair with Blood Bowl began in 1994 when 3rd Edition was released. He's been hooked ever since. After moving to New Zealand in 1999, he founded the Auckland City Guard Blood Bowl League (ACGBBL), which was renamed the Auckland Blood Bowl Federation (ABBF) two years later, and remains Auckland's longest running league until this day.

In 2004, Christian Schwager and James Hills (Claymore) organized the first Greenstone Cup (New Zealand Championship Tournament). A small, local affair at first, the GSC quickly developed into one of the "big three" tournaments of the New Zealand circuit.

During his time in New Zealand, Christian has created many a logo and miniature concept for various events around Australia and New Zealand. Since June 2016 he is back in Germany and keen to get stuck into the local leagues and tournament scene. The only thing that's stopping him from running to every tournament he can find is that he's a struggling artist and notoriously short on cash.

Since more than ten years Björn Schumacher (aka Minenbonnie) organizes movies for commercials, worldwide. During these productions he usually is in the lead of the organization of these events.

2002 was the year when Björn got hooked with Blood Bowl. He played actively in the Hanau Blood Bowl League (with more than 20 coaches in one division) and is member of the garage league. Since a few years, he attends national tournaments and until 2019 he will do so also on the international stage.

Michael Heising (aka Twyllenimor) started playing Blood Bowl in 1992 when he got a copy of the 2nd edition. After organizing two seasons with friends with self-made meeples and pitches there was a break until 2003 when the new german edition was published. Meanwhile he joined the organization of the KlingenCon in Remscheid, Germany, where he is running the Bloodbowl tournament twice a year since October 2004. He is also organizing the Narrenball starting in 2014 and the German Team Bowl for the period of 2014 – 2016 which takes now place in Cologne and is the biggest team event in Germany.

Since 2014 he is RTO for North Rhine-Westphalia, the western part of Germany.

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