Event App

Thanks to the Bodensee Vorarlberg Tourism Office, we will have a free smartphone App, which will not only provide information about Dornbirn (i.e. maps, events) during the World Cup, but will also show current standings and draws for each round and push notifications to each participant about what table they will play at next. There will also be a search function. Additional functions like a chess clock timer and information about events between rounds may be included as well.


A special commemorative coin will be created for all participants. The coin will be part of the entry fee and will be limited to one per participant.

Miniature Team

The information and drawings about the team are confidential material. In order to preserve the surprise for the participating coaches, we ask that this information is not to be published prior to the World Cup itself. Any other part of this document may be published by the NAF at their discretion.

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Artwork Artwork


The pitch for the World Cup will be a "real grass" (static grass) pitch with 3D dugouts and scoreboard. The pitch can be disassembled to fit in any common sized backpack. The weight of the pitch will be just 200g (7oz.) heavier than the pitch of the new boxed game. The dugouts will be themed based on the special World Cup team. The anticipate price range will be 30-50 Euros. The pictures below demonstrate the slot-and-groove assembly system for the pitch.

Pitch Pitch

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