2007 - Nottingham 2011 - Amsterdam 2015 - Lucca 2019 - Dornbirn
RankSquad nameScoreTDCASCountries
1Les Azes7875669FRA
2Aros Super Stars7866357DEN
5El Prat7065159ESP
6Triad & Trinity7024251ITA
7Armata Brancaleone7004377ITA
8Legio II AVGVSTA6995157ITA
10Team Latino6934076DEN
11Sudbury Club6805365ENG
12Pirates of Copenhagen6804754DEN
13Old School6634978FRA
16Spanish Team6334565ESP
18Free Wheels6225249FRA
19The Blackshirts6194556ENG
20Berlin Patriots6145453GER
21Basque Barbarians6144344ESP
22Northern Monkeys6075153ENG
23Team Lancashire6004949ENG
24Do Brajil5985857FRA
25Freeboter Spain5964254ESP
26Six Pistols5934345ITA
27Rhône Alps5905067FRA
28Alpensturm5825453AUT / GER / SWI
29Team Oz5735453AUS
30Team Madhobbit5734059NED
31The Whiteshirts5725245ENG
32Team Block5644760ENG
33Always Rolling Snake Eyes5644365DEN
34Team Smegheads5605255ENG / GER
35Team Tackle5424746ENG / SCO
36Damn Yankees5414469USA/ SWE / ENG
39Team Scotland5243754SCO / ENG
40Flame on A5115744ENG
41Legio XX VALERIA5103842ITA
42The 300 Pandas5074256ESP
43Blighty Crusaders4774535ENG
44Tir na nOg Kniggots4083654ENG
45Team Cornwall3893852ENG
46Flame on B3253063ENG

Best Individual Coach Top 3 coaches were:

Rules 2007

The tournament was held in Warhammer World of Games Workshop in Nottingham. LRP5.0 ruleset was used at the time. The tournament ruleset was different from all the other World Cup events to follow. The first 3 games were only played for single coach competition and the games 4-9 counted towards the team score. Coaches have 1,100,000 GP to create their starting team rosters. Team rosters must consist of at least 11 players as per normal rules. No Inducements (inc Star Players, wizards, master chefs etc) are used.


Scoring was as follows:

+/- 1 per net casualty. Only casualties that would normally earn Star Player Points count. So no casualties caused by crowds, failed 'go-for-its', failed dodges etc.

+/- 1 per net touchdown.

This will be capped at a combined maximum of +/- 6 points.

Skill Progression

Rounds 1 to 3. (Friday)

Rounds 4 to 6 (Saturday)

Rounds 7 to 9 (Sunday)