Thornpear Valleyshockers
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Dhurvod "The Mug" Dhung

Dhurvod Dhung was born with an exceptional high IQ of 23 and was set to the School for Highly Intelligent Trolls, where his athletic skills were discovered. After he won every school contest of beer mug lifting in the 500ccm, 1000ccm and even the 5000ccm class, he went on to look for new challenges. It was his senior year at the SHIT, when he was invited to a match of the ork local team, the Green Cheaters and saw how the team troll killed all of his goblin teammates by either eating them of throwing them into the crowd. This was so inspiring to him that he asked for a practice try-out with the neigboring Chaos Pact Team, the Mountain Riot Teamsters, who suffered a devastating loss against the Treehuggers United halfing team, where their trees went on a killing spree. After two very successfull seasons with the MRT, he took the opportunity to join the Thornpear Valleyshockers, where he immediallelly set a new record for "least Goblins eaten", "most successful throw team-mate attempts without a dead team-mate" and got the the "most reliable player award" three years in a row".

His favorite cheese dish is Appenzeller Fondue

Age:89 years
Weight:457 lbs.
Skills:Loner, Always Hungry, Break Tackle, Claw, Guard, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Strong Arm, Throw Team-Mate
Career Achievements
MVP Awards:2
Throw Team-Mate Attempts:367
Awards:Least Goblins Eaten 2503, 2506, 2511, 2513 and 2516, Most Successful Throw Team-mate Attempts Without a Dead Team-mate 2503, 2506 and 2511, Most Reliable Player (Coach Award) 2503-2505, 2511 and 2515